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Windows Port

Download the BETA windows port for Scilab 4.0 by Zhang Cheng!


This window installer contains the necessary files of ImageMagick-6.2.5, so users needn't to install ImageMagick. It requires Scilab 4.0.

Porting information

Currently, the top priority for SIP is to update the windows version.

Note that it is not an easy process because SIP has so many different components; and dynamically-loadable DLLs under windows are somehow more difficult to deal with than in Linux.

We wrote a very simple toolbox that uses the same buld framework as SIP, but does not use external libs like ImageMagick, so it is much more simple to compile and is working. Use it to learn how SIP's build process works. Download the simple toolbox at the following link:


Instructions are listed in the README.txt file. I successfully compiled and installed this simple toolbox under Windows, using MinGW ( The following link contains personal notes on my attempts to port SIP itself.

Notes on How to Port SIP Using MinGW

It is basically like the instructions to port the SIMPLE toolbox, but with additional details specific to SIP.

SIP is not a simple piece of software, mainly because It builds a DLL to be loaded dynamically into Scilab, like SIMPLE, but this DLL uses a huge 3rd party lib, ImageMagick. Also, SIP has many other filetypes to be processed and dealt with, i.e. SCI and XML files.

Good luck, and feel free to ask us many questions whatsoever in the developer's list.

Resources and Links


The old SIP version was built using Borland C++ under windows and also using many tricks. But the previous SIP was also simpler than the current SIP. The newest ImageMagick has some more complex schemes to help windows locate the magick configuration files and DLLs. We chose to use MinGW since compilation on it resembles more closely the way we do it under Linux. Moreover, MinGW is an extremely active free software.

We will reward with authorship (i.e. copyright share) and full recognition whoever is capable of building a windows release that smoothly installs on all windows version and the latest Scilab, being approved to be the official new SIP windows release. The windows version will have massive repercusion, and your name will go with it.

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